Why masonry heater?

masonry heater

1.) It has the highest possible efficiency for burning wood.

2.) It is only necessary to heat up the oven once a day. After two to three hours of fire, there is enough heat for about 24 hours even without fire. Long lasting heating.

3.) It is possible to use the oven for baking, e.g. bread.

4.) The oven is CO2 neutral and environmentally compatible.


5.) The oven is child proof. The surface of the oven never gets warmer than 60°C to 80°C.

6.) No danger of CO (carbon monoxide) intoxication.

7.) Many possible designs, e.g. with a heated bench, a baking oven.

8.) It is possible to heat up other rooms as well with the airIt is the most cost-efficient oven compared with ordinary ovens. It needs less wood because of a more efficient burning process, and with a lot of stones it is possible to keep the heat inside the house instead of loosing the heat through the chimney.

10.) Thermal radiation instead of air ventilation

11.) No ionic misbalance in the air, common with iron stoves

12.) No electronics or electricity is necessary (blackout safe).